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What Are 5Sís? - Where Kaizen gets employees involved in bringing about continuous improvements as using them as experts in the business. The 5Sís concentrates on making the workplace a environment from which we can launch Kaizen.

THE 5Sís

1. SORT - Decide which things you need to accomplish your work.

2. STRAIGHTEN - Decide which things you do not need to do your job and remove them. You not need lots of files, hoards of paper, pens, etc. Just keep what you need to accomplish your job. You should be able to access everything you need to work with inside 30 seconds.

3. SWEEP - Look at your workplace, perform any maintenance on machinery. The general guidelines for sweep, suggest that this should be carried out on a weekly basis. With emphasis based on reviewing performance.

4. STANDARDISE - Apply standardised working in your environments, ensure there are standard instructions for machine operators and even office staff. This is to ensure people can do other peoples work, when they are not at work. Standardisation will be result of carrying out the first three steps, instructions will become apparent for office/shopfloor layout.

5. SELF DISCIPLINE - Ensure the logic of a clear and simple workplace remains and that employees understand the need for a un-cluttered workplace.

There should be some form of 5Sís control board set up in the workplace which explains the need for implementing 5Sís into the workplace. This should be done in addition to presentations and literature on the need for 5Sís. The message should be precise, clear and simple.

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