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Through Learning Comes Knowledge, Through Knowledge Comes Power!

BOOK REVIEWS:  Business, Computer, Economics, UK Politics, Religion, Novels reviewed and rated.

BUSINESS CASE STUDIES: An up and coming section where we explore how different real life business strategies and their effectiveness. 

eCOMMERCE STRATEGIES: The economics of eCommerce;  eZones; The ten P's of strategic planning; The ERP path; CMMS; Unified Messaging; ISDN ADSL warp speed!; Coherent eCommerce action plan; eSecurity; Firewalls; The eCommerce business index.

eCOMMUNITY: Post a message and discuss issues on-line.

ECONOMIC THEORIES: We discuss the works of the major economists through time, from Mercantilism through to contemporary schools of economic thought. There is a dedicated financial economics section.

eNEWS: IT related newsletter.

RELIGION: We review over 350 different web-sites related to Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Rastafarianism, ScientologySikhism.

TRADITIONAL BUSINESS STRATEGIES: Accounting Strategies, Corporate Strategy, Environmental Strategies, Health & Safety Strategies, HRM Strategies, Investment Strategies, Logistics & Purchasing Strategies, Marketing Strategies, Operations Strategies, Quality Strategies, Sales Strategies, Miscellaneous Strategies.

UK SPECIFIC DATA: Business categories, registration, legislation, useful contacts.

WEB/WAP SITE BUILDING STRATEGIES: New web business plan; Existing business plan; WEB strategy; WAP strategy; Free on-line resources; Global Submission Network (Manually submit your website to over 300 search engines!); Web dictionary.

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