What Is Manufacturing?
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Manufacturing in very simple terms can be described as being the process of producing something. In real terms to make something for a profit, a product that consumers are willing to pay for.

There has been a trend amongst European manufacturing companies since the 1980ís, to use sub-contracted work, the emphasis has been one of trying to attain cost competitiveness via reducing the direct labour burden and using eternal sources. The end result has been one of an erosion in European manufacturing base. The whole approach to manufacturing in Europe has been one of taking the short term viewpoint.

Japanese manufacturing companies on the other hand have been achieving lower lead times, improved quality through building up and maintaining a manufacturing infrastructure. Japan has spent more on manufacturing investment than most of itís competitors, harmonizing a long term partnership between business, banks and the government, with such harmony it is not hard to understand why Japanese manufacturing has been in such a strong position since the 1970ís.

In the context of this web site we shall be examining different perspectives on manufacturing. The two main types of production systems are often described as Push or Pull systems

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