Understanding Errors
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The major underlying principle in all quality management systems, is to understand what causes errors in business and try to rectify and prevent them occurring again.

Errors can be attributed to:

  • Poor training, which leads to mis-understanding and lack of perception.
  • Production cycle based upon the use of time saving measures which result in poor product quality.
  • Incorrect procedures covering the entire production cycle, rather than specific processes.
  • Employee intentional action (as a result of poor labour relations, motivation, etc).

What quality systems aim to achieve by a reduction in errors:

  • Proper identification of production process.
  • Understanding how errors arise, and what could happen.
  • Put measures in place to prevent the errors occurring again.

Having unstable processes in the production cycle leads to high levels of non-conforming material, which in itself leads to greater waste in the work place and lack of teamwork. Extensions to this are that your business will find itself having little or no direction, reduced profits due and lots of angry customers.

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