Standardised Working
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Applying simple standards in the workplace, stops confusion. If your business wants to succeed, it needs to apply a single status ethic into the workplace. No-one in your business, should be treated differently from anyone else.

Taking the logic further, standardised working is all about having a standard set of procedures which can be applied to different areas of your business. In real terms you would a standard instruction chart which shows operators what they must watch/observe when working on a particular machine. The data could also show the training levels required to work any given machine.

The obvious extensions to this would be to have standardised job instructions which details the standard procedures, sizing, tooling requirements, errors, etc for all the products you produce. This may seem like something that all businesses should adopt, but you would be surprised, at the number of businesses that rely on operator judgments & models. Having job instructions, is vital it eliminates errors and allows for flexible labour movements, where employees can move around different sections where there are job instructions.

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