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This is the means by which we get employees involved in Kaizen. The following pointers offer guidance for anyone thinking about implementing Kaizen:

1. Decide upon a section of the business, upon which Kaizen will be implemented.

2. Decide upon a team leader for the team - ensure this person has all the correct training.

3. Bring the team together, and explain the theory behind Kaizen, let the team discuss problems in the workplace.

4. Get the team to discuss as many issues as they would wish to tackle, remember it does not have to be a single issue against which they should focus, several small issues are always worthwhile looking at.

5. Let the team decide which issue(s) is going to be tackled. It is the team that knows best about itís environment.

6. Let the team decide what the main causes of concern regarding the issue(s) are.

7. Let the team decide how the issue(s) will be measured - how has the current issue been decided? and how will we monitor the present situation?.

8. Information about the issue is gathered.

9. The team should now be in a position to come up with a target situation, let the team look at the merits of different solutions, let the team decide upon target completion, implementation dates.

10. Let the team, decide upon how to bring about the change to the workplace, is it going to be visually communicated? verbally communicated? (work-practice changes), etc.

11. Finally let the team decide upon how they will monitor the changes they bring, to see how successful they have been.

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