General Design Pointers
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The simpler to understand your site is, the more visitors you will get.


Avoid using too many different colours on your web site. Make sure the text is readable.

Consistent Layout

Aim for a consistent look to your web site. A clear well planned approach to your site, and its navigation will work wonders. Don't try to make each page radically different from another.


Frames are a good tool in web design in that they can split information on the screen into various sections, such as a permanent header, side bar. Although they add to the visual impact of a web site they do present problems to search engines, some of them will not list web-sites with too many frames.


Although icons are appealing, make sure there is either written text inside them, or next to them to prevent confusion.


Make sure your web site has clear navigation, and that it works, check all links, you use to make sure they work!

Simple Graphics

You may have visited several web-sites and thought wow!, that looks great!, all those fancy graphics!. What you have to appreciate is that not everyone has the most recent web browser or PC equipped to display 3D graphics and sound. What does this mean?  People viewing these web pages may get blank spaces with little white boxes with a red cross in! - Not appealing now! Be aware of what the aim of your web site is and your target audience.

Small Graphics

If you use complicated graphics, then these could take a very long to load up. The result will affect your web-site hits as people will be put off with long loading times. So please check that graphic files sizes are less than 50K this can be done with a simple right click over image and check its size on properties option.


Ensure that all spelling and grammar is thoroughly checked.


Try sticking to simple fonts Arial, Courier, Times Roman. Using the more appealing fonts may not work on other browsers.

Rest assured the problem with striking the right balance in web site design is not unique to your business but all businesses. Making your site seem less attractive may not seem like the most sensible way to go, but will make your web site more accessible!

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