The Economics of eCommerce
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eCommerce?, e Business?, call it what you will, the meaning is the same. It is all about the culmination of using business resources to sell products and services across the internet.

At first it was suggested that electronic commerce was just going to be a fad, however it is beginning to gain more and more momentum.

In 1998 the eCommerce economy was estimated to be worth about $20 Billion a year. Current predictions to show the the growth of the eCommerce economy, to reach in excess of $300-350 Billion a year by 2002, by 2003 some reports suggest around $1 trillion, Quite a rapid growth!.

Love it or loathe it, e-business in any shape or form is here to stay. One of the major problems with failed eCommerce sites, is that decisions about how a web site should look, feel and operate are generally made generally at corporate/board room level. The trouble is the lack of true hindsight corporate management need.

A web site does not have to be the most flashy thing going, it needs to be simple, and usable, it needs constant change, not irregularly.

The Web/Wap Strategies section discusses how to build an web site for your business. The eCommerce section of the web site will explore different branches of eCommerce. 

An internet provides businesses with the ability to exploit global markets. National markets can be serviced by traditional sales and marketing channels. The global market can be serviced from day one via a web site launch.

If your business is to survive you need to adapt to the technology and harness the potential it will have on your business today, tomorrow, and in the future.

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