Corporate Conclusions
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Unsuccessful businesses often suffer as a result of poor financial controls and lack of understanding about what is actually happening within a business. The need for strong financial and business understanding is essential, applied within a corporate strategy, with appropriate review and control gates, this will help any business to become more successful.

In an ever changing business environment all businesses need to take a look at themselves to examine which areas need changing. The lessons of the 1960-1980's era where short term fixes were persistently adopted, showed just how ineffective corporate management in the UK really was. We were adopting a quick dose of cost reduction, quality, sales, marketing, labour reduction strategies, all aimed at sort termism rather than viewing the long term approach as encompassed by corporate strategies.

There is an old phrase which is worthy of comment 'It's no use changing for changes sake ... be aware that if your business is not embracing change then you can bet your competitors are embracing it'. Although slightly confusing the logic is, do not change something because you think it is better, examine the alternatives, above all be aware of what your competitors are doing. 

The works of Tom Peters would suggest if needs be, it is worth reorganising the entire business from start to finish, to bring in fresh ideas you need a fresh focus, Peters does go into some detail about how to appraise managers and the need for refocusing which is why corporate strategy should be adopted, implemented, appraised and adjusted when necessary.

Once a business has decided upon a particular strategy, it needs to look at how it develops that strategy. To make that strategy successful for your business, you need to ensure everyone affected by the new strategy is consulted, and understands the reason for that strategy.

There is no clear cut way to actually implement a strategy, all we can say is to keep the strategy simple, clear and precise. Ensure regular reviews of the strategy, making the necessary adjustments as and when required. 

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