Traditional Business Strategies
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Accounting Strategies Why have financial controls?; Business environments; Simple financial controls; Role of accounting; Accounting basics; Cash flow forecasts; Double entry book-keeping; Trading profit & loss accounts; Balance sheets; Ratio analysis; Accounting Practices (SSAP/FRS); Accounting; Costs; Budgets; Cash flows revisited.

Corporate Strategy: Stakeholder; Mission statements; Essential elements of corporate strategy; Competitive advantage; Core competencies; Strategic alliances; Recovery strategies; Corporate self-analysis.

Environmental Strategies: Environmentalism; Simple measures; ISO14001.

Health & Safety Strategies: Employee & employer responsibilities; Avoiding work related illness.

HRM Strategies: Traditional industrial relations; HRM; HRM vs traditional industrial relations; Motivational studies; Recruitment tips; Discrimination policies; Team based working; PRP; Reward systems; Change management; International industrial relations; Japanese management styles. 

Investment Strategies: Taking a risk; Balanced portfolio; Integration; Mergers and acquisitions; Leasing.

Logistics & Purchasing Strategies: What is logistics?; Transport issues: What is purchasing?; Direct & indirect purchasing; Developing a purchasing focus; Porters supply chain analysis; Make or buy?; Strategic sourcing; Vendor appraisal.

Marketing Strategies: The marketing mix; SWOT; PEST; Porters five forces; Competitor analysis; Critical success factors; Product lifecycle, Boston matrix; Market analysis for growth; International & industrial marketing.

Operations Strategies: Push-pull manufacturing; Lean manufacturing; JIT; Kanban; SMED; Poka-Yoke; Takt-Times; Flexible manufacturing systems; Operations dictionary.

Quality Strategies: The need for quality; Developing quality analysis; Crosby's fourteen steps; ISO9000; Kaizen; The 5S's; Six sigma; TPM.

Sales Strategies: Why have sales?; The changing focus of sales; Getting the sales team right; simple sales strategies.

Miscellaneous Strategies: Project management strategy; Time and stress management.

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