The Ten P's of Strategic IT Planning
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The following are best practice principle used in IT planning:

  • PROCESS - How something is done currently in the business.
  • PRINCIPLES - The current standards in practice.
  • PORTFOLIO - What IT resources are currently at hand?
  • PURPOSE - What are you trying to achieve in the new IT strategy.
  • PROJECTS - What is currently being done by your IT team? 
  • PRIORITIES - Organise your current IT projects in line with how they tie-in your IT strategy.
  • PROFIT - Will these new/existing projects help your business to attain to greater levels of competitive advantage? Through higher added value on your products and services.
  • PEOPLE -  Do you have enough people to achieve your IT strategy?
  • PROMOTION - Ensure everyone concerned is aware of the new/existing IT strategy.
  • PLANNING - Ensure a simple to understand and achieve implementation plan is used.

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