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What Is TPM? - Kaizen introduced the idea that employee expertise generates improvements. The 5Sís suggested a clean and organised workplace will lead to clearer thinking. TPM is all about Total Plant Maintenance. The underlying concept is, if you properly maintain plant machinery there will see a sharp decline in machine breakdowns, safety and quality problems.

Under TPM, machine operators carry out routine maintenance such as checking water, oil, coolant, air levels. This may involve some training of machine operators. Through operator training to do simple maintenance on machines will promote ownership and more attention to detail.

The actual maintenance teams should as a result of spending less time doing routine maintenance, be in a position to concentrate on more urgent machine breakdowns. TPM should promote better team working in the workplace as the operators will be helping the maintenance team with their tasks.

Analyzing existing maintenance against planned maintenance will show that over time the costs for maintaining machines using existing methods keeps increasing, whilst using TPM the intital costs are high as the machine is stopped regularly for maintenance checks, but over time the costs are actually lower as the machine has in the past been maintained.

The underlying objective of TPM is to try and bring the machine back as close as possible to itís new condition.

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