Successful Organisation Traits
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What are the characteristics of a successful organisation?, the following pointers describe what a successful organisation may show:

  • Strategic vision directed from top level management, with all managers in agreement.

  • Organsiational change is carried out in small realistic steps as opposed to rapid change. This means the organisation embraces change successfully.

  • The organisation is pro-active to market conditions, seeking new markets before its competitors, rather than waiting for them to develop.

  • The organisation understands that not all change can be good, change because your competitors embrace a new ethic does not automatically mean that it will work for your business.

  • Employees should be treated as vital resources of an organisation. Harnessing and nurturing employee development will reap its own rewards, in terms of productivity but also loyalty and organisational development.

  • Senior managers should be seen and visible.

  • Some of the most successful businesses use a 'single status' ethic, with removed levels of demarcation, and effective de-layering of the organisational structures.

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