Sex Discrimination Act 1975
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Under this Act, discrimination based upon gender, ie man or woman is outlawed.

The sex discrimination act states discrimination as being either:

  1. DIRECT - Where the business has an open policy of discrimination based on gender.

  2. INDIRECT - Where conditions within the job prevent the job to be completed equally by men or women.

The notion of indirect discrimination is important as it is the main are in which most cases of sexual discrimination are bought to industrial tribunals. Often employers use indirect discrimination methods so as to not appear to directly discriminate.

The Act, although over a quarter of a century old, holds as much relevance today, as it did the. The Act states guidelines for employment practices:

  1. Advertising job vacancies with specific reference to gender.

  2. Treating all candidates fairly

  3. Handling promotion, dismissal, training and other employment issues based on gender.

A 1986 amendment to the act bought it in line with EC directives.

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