Lean Manufacturing
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Lean manufacturing is a term given to developing integrated production processes which reduce the levels of waste and un-wanted processes in the production cycle. The underlying concept of lean manufacturing is to develop employee involvement in a continuous improvement cycle.

Although the concept of lean manufacturing has been around since the quality studies of Deming, it gained momentum throughout manufacturing companies from the early 1980ís. Lean manufacturing was initially used to generate production savings which could be fed in to price competitiveness.

The main areas which lean manufacturing addresses include:

  • Reducing the amount of waste in the business.
  • Reducing WIP, raw and finished material holdings.
  • Reducing the amount of re-work, which results in increased work, and costs.
  • Reducing the lead time from customers placing the order, through the production cycle to finally fulfilling the order.

More productive use of resources as the emphasis becomes one of little work done that is not really required, and only concentrating on activities which support customer needs.

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