Issue One
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Welcome to the first issue of eNews!

Europe is seeing a lot of attention being drawn to Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) devices, but the current range of mobile phones have limited screen and memory sizes, as a result they can only display text messages.

WAP is going to be the standard ball bearer of the current mobile phone and internet phenomenon but it will only be around for a short space of time.

The future advancement of handheld devices being able to connect to the internet lies in the 3rd Generation (3G) mobile phone technology.

Governments are handing out 3G mobile phone licenses across the world, the telephone service providers are snapping these licenses up like mad, they know that the future is very much in offering interactive services for the next generation of mobile phones.

What does this mean?
Well the mobile phone service companies such as vodaphone and orange will offer their services, whilst the actual mobile phone manufacturers will design the phone and  present us with the machines, expect the first generation to cost in excess of  1000!.

If you want to which software will power these mobile phones, then I'm afraid there looks like a fight between Microsoft and a consortium of mobile phone manufacturers.

Microsoft have given up on the Windows CE platform being the next standard for portable computing in favour of the Pocket PC standard. This is itself can be seen as the company's attempt, to start influence the next generation of portable devices. Microsoft has signed a deal with Samsung to develop Microsoft software for their future range of mobile phones.


This could be a case of a bridge too far for Microsoft. This is because the mobile phone market is dominated by brands such as Nokia and Ericsson. Currently these leading European mobile phone manufacturers are working on a joint system with Motorola and Psion on a definitive standard for 3G mobile phones, which let you watch tv, surf the net, do all the your work and be a phone as well the future is very much Symbian
That's the name given to the consortium.

By Sukhraj Singh Takhar

The last twenty years has seen the power of mobile computers become ever increasing, from the old portable washing machines of the early 1980's through the laptops have that became notebooks in the 1990's to palmtops and even notepads, but where is the next decade going to take us?

There is a lot of things happening in the world of mobile computing.

The processing power of microchips has grown alarmingly more powerful, and cheaper. Two years ago a palmtop computer could just run a few applications. Now we have handheld notepad machines which can surf the net, play music videos, what next?

The problem with these machines has been linking them to the internet requires modem cards to be installed (infra red is an option albeit a lot slower), this makes them not as portable as we would like.

The future ultimately dictates that mobile phones will combine both telephone features as well as being portable versions of desktop computers.

What?, a phone that you can do all your work on?,  send video e-mails on?


According to the September 2000 issue of PC Magazine (UK) Microsoft is about to launch a range of if its programming applications into internet services.

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