ISO9000 Series
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The ISO9000 series is to quality standards, what the ISO14000 series is to environmental standards. It is an internationally accepted benchmark standard.

In essence the main areas of the ISO9000 series of standards cover:

  • Focusing on customer needs.
  • Focused led leadership with a systematic management approach, and logical steps towards decision making.
  • People involvement.
  • Business built on attaining continual improvement.
  • Business with strong supplier-buyer relationships.

Although the initial sets of standards won business wide praise, they were criticized for not linking quality and customer focus correctly, these standards have been re-worked.

Within the standards an example of a business that has adopted the practices set out in the standards is shown, to use as a guide.

In the context on this web site we shall be viewing some of the key criteria set out in the standards, through topics in the main quality menu.

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