G.E: e-Business Strategy
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In their Annual Report 1999, GE stated it's open intent in developing a e-business strategy. Under the subject 'Letter to Share Owners' the following comments were made....

'The efficient harvesting of intellectual capital, which is the state-of-the-art globalization initiative, is impossible without the internet .... When you think about this e-business revolution that is transforming the world, an obvious question comes to mind, Why wasn't the e-revolution launched by big, highly resourced companies rather than small start-ups that led it? .... The answer .... in GE's case .... The perception that creating and operating Web sites was Nobel Prize work .... Digitizing a company does more than just create unlimited business opportunities, it puts a small company soul into that big company body and gives it the transparency, excitement and buzz of a start-up. It is truly the elixir for GE and others and who relish excitement and change. E-Business is the final nail in the coffin bureaucracy at GE.' 

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