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It is a hard decision to make, FMS is a very costly system, combining a lot of business resources to make your entire production system a flexible affair. The high costs of implementing FMS and the go for the ‘cheapest and nearest’ ideal mean that few companies actually harness the potential of FMS.

Overall pointers towards FMS:

  1. Assess the implications of the current product range for the system.
  2. Review all your current engineering resources and experience.
  3. Plan the engineering in detail before commitment - Defining the degree of flexibility required is of paramount importance.
  4. Provide senior management with confidence in the project and that it will be a success.
  5. Write performance and interface specifications for each item bought.
  6. Re-Appraise potential costs before placing orders.
  7. Inspect and test diligently before accepting the machines/items.
  8. Have a comprehensive implementation plan.

If FMS is adopted into your business, you will install a system that is capable of handling change, and be able to leave the machine un-manned, they will in the future become fully automated able to run themselves, you may find the factory of the future is one where there is a single machine shop operative who comes in to switch the machines on and off.

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