Employee Responsibilities
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  1. Ensure you make your employer aware of any potential hazards.

  2. Ensure you follow all your employers health and safety regulations.

  3. Wear protective clothing wear required.

  4. Ensure you read all warning labels and comply with instructions on them.

  5. Ensure you maintain personal hygiene at work, wash you hands before you digest anything.

  6. Wash your hands as after visiting the toilet.

  7. If you start to feel ill at work, check the information about the jobs you've done recently at work. Go over and check any possible risks indicated on the labeling and consult medical advice if the symptoms persist. Inform your employer about your condition, it may affect others if you do not speak out!.

  8. Inform your employer of any medication which you are prescribed on a regular basis.

  9. If in any doubt about anything, ask your employer, do not leave anything to chance.

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